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Filter Photography Podcast

I host a bi-weekly podcast called Filter. It’s similar to other photography podcasts, such as Improve Photography Podcast, Tips From The Top Floor, the Candid Frame and others. The difference between those podcasts about photography and the Filter Photography Podcast is that the Filter Photography Podcast focuses on the content you request. It’s a podcast for photographers that directly tackles questions on the mind of photographers.

Professional photographers never stop learning. At least that’s what I think. The business of photography can be a tricky one. We can work it out together on the podcast. Whether you’re a sprouting photographer, like a good photo podcast, or want to just be part of a digital story that revolves around photography, the Filter podcast is there.

Where can I subscribe to the photography podcast?

You can subscribe to the photography podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher or YouTube.

Why did I start the Filter Photography Podcast?

The Filter Photography Podcast was created because I started to get a little sick of listening to photography podcasts that talked about photography gear, but didn’t discuss the actual technique of photography.

Photography gear is important, but I don’t listen to podcasts to hear gear reviews. I listen to podcasts to learn. Learning should be free, and since they are free photography podcasts,

Photography is a visual medium, so any audio podcast is going to make it difficult to truly connect with. I find when I listen to podcasts, they feel like they go forever. Sometimes they hit the two-hour mark! That’s far too long for my attention span, and I can’t think of any commute that lasts that long. When you hit resume for your trip home, you forgot what the podcast topic was even about!

The length of the average photography podcast is why I started Filter. Most episodes come in around the 15 minute mark, making them perfect for the morning or evening commute. Or maybe you just want to sip a coffee and hear someone talk about photography because your friends are sick of hearing you talk about it.

You might not know, but Filter started as an online community aimed at helping photographers become better at the art. It was a place where no one person knew anything. That just isn’t reality. We are all constantly learning and evolving to become better photographers. Other podcast hosts such as Derrick Story, Frederick Van Johnson, Scott Bourne, Andrew Hellmuch and Chris Marquardt are great at delivering photography podcasts that don’t claim to know all the answers. They’re just hosts that are passionate about the art of photography.

Where can I send in a question to be answered on the podcast?

The Filter Photography Podcast is a little bit of This Week In Photo, a little bit of The Art Of Photography With Ted Forbes, and entirely listener-guided. That means it can only be successful with your questions. Asking a question helps another photographer, because you’re never the only person curious of the answer.

You can send in your question over on the Filter website. There’s no such thing as a silly question, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t ask something!

Questions about the podcast

Where should I start?

You should start with episode 0 of course! I hear you, that seems like forever ago. If you want the essence of My favourite podcast episodes are the following:

Episode 16 – Luke Henery of Violent Soho talks his second passion, film photography

This episode is the first interview done with another photographer. Who better to interview as the first episode than a good friend, great bass photographer, and great film photographer?

It’s a pretty detailed episode, but also pretty relaxed. Just two friends, talking photography like what makes film amazing. Plus, I ask Luke Henery questions sent in from the listeners about his photography and thoughts on film photography as a whole.

Episode 2 – Bullying, Money and Variety

If you’re keen on an early episode and don’t mind a few rough edges, episode 2 has a pretty detailed discussion about the impacts of bullying in the photography industry.

I also talk about money and things to consider when setting your price point for photography work. I also talk about the importance of thinking creatively with your music photography invoicing to increase the chances of securing more work.

Episode 5 – What you should know about music photography

This was the first episode where I took a deep dive into my experience with music photography. Is it all fun or is it hard work? How do you know if it will suit your personality time and how do you know if it will be worth the hard work required to make a name for yourself with?

Put simply, it’s the episode that helps you figure out if music photography as a genre is suited to you.

Is Filter available as a video podcast?

Filter is an audio podcast. But, Filter is available on YouTube if you need to listen at work.

Is the podcast entirely answering photographers’ questions?

Answering questions from other photographers is one of my favourite things about the Filter Photography Podcast. Each episode is not entirely full of answers to questions sent in. Episodes generally take a deep-dive into an issue in the world of photography before moving on to answering photographer questions.

Why is there so much discussion about music photography on the podcast?

Most of my social media following are photographers who focus on music photography. Naturally, the questions sent in are from those photographers, which is why so many revolve around music photography.

Music photography isn’t the only genre of photography that is discussed, though. There have been questions sent in from photographers who want to improve street photography, portrait photography and more. Whether you want general photography tips or my thoughts or recommendations on another aspect of the world of photography, send it in! If I don’t know the answer, I’ll research it and share my opinion with you on it at the very least. Questions help us both learn.

Where can I subscribe to the photography podcast?

You can subscribe to the photography podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher or YouTube.