Violent Soho Santa Coming To Mansfield by Matt Walter

Freelance work.

I’ve done work for companies such as Telstra, record labels such as I Oh You, bands such as Violent Soho, events such as Brisbane International Film Festival and worked with many more companies with various needs.

I do freelance work at an hourly rate but can do inexpensive daily rates for consecutive days of work.

Collaborative work.

I’ve collaborated with magazines, book authors, bands, designers and more. What I care most about is making something amazing that we are both proud of.

I do collaborative work for trade or payment. Regardless of your idea, I would love to hear it.

Other stuff I run.

The work shown on this website is what I spend most of my time producing, however, I also run a photography podcast called ‘FILTER’ and a website to help beginner photographers, called ‘FILTER’, also.

Publisher work.

I’ve had my work published by TIME, VICE Magazine, Noisey: Music By VICE, Huffington Post, ABC1, Style Magazines, The Urban List and more.

I love working with publishers to complement their writing, either on assignment or coming to an agreement on previous work. Much of my work is done under contract while on assignment, but it never hurts to ask if the rights can be purchased for your publication. No work can be published either online or in print prior to an agreement being given, regardless of whether attribution has been given. Get in touch with me to chat about your publication and how my work can compliment it.