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WAAX is a rock band from Brisbane, Australia. If you’ve never been to a WAAX show before, you need to get going. WAAX are one of those bands that sound even better on record than they did before you saw them live.

I met WAAX when they toured with Dune Rats. I had heard good things about them from Violent Soho’s Luke Boerdam. He told me they would become really popular, really fast. He wasn’t wrong. WAAX released Holy Sick before I met them (check out the fantastic track, ‘Wisdom Teeth’), and Wild and Weak shortly after I met them. Even though I photograph at Crowbar Brisbane (a music venue in Fortitude Valley), I wasn’t available when they played in support of the Wild and Weak EP. That was a bummer, but I did see WAAX perform at Crowbar Brisbane’s birthday show in 2018, and that was pretty special.

Soon after they toured with Dune Rats, they supported Violent Soho at the Christmas is Coming To Mansfield shows, alongside Aaron ‘Gocsy’ Gocs. After that show, Gocsy gave us all chocolate milk air fresheners for the car. It didn’t make our cars any fresher, but they did smell a whole lot more delicious. WAAX then went onto sell out The Brightside in Brisbane and hit the studio with Bernard Fanning and Nick DiDia, all the while asking me to come along and photograph their journey. What an honour.

WAAX was offered a label deal with Dew Process. They were offered a lot of label deals. I remember seeing how many contracts they were considering. Soon after they signed to Dew Process, WAAX released their first single, Labrador (after the area on the Gold Coast, not the breed of dog) from their first album.

Check out the official video for Wild and Weak and you’ll take the first step in understanding why I think WAAX are a band to watch.

WAAX band members

Marie DeVita
Tom Bloomfield
Ewan Birtwell
Tom Griffin

My journey photographing WAAX

I first met WAAX back when they were supporting Dune Rats. Luke Boerdam from Violent Soho had recommended them to me because they lived in the same building at one point. Before they supported Fall Out Boy, they played a super sweaty sold out show at The Brightside. It was probably my favourite WAAX show to date. Since then, I’ve been photographing as much as I can for them. When they played as part of BrisFest, celebrated as part of Crowbar Brisbane’s sixth birthday, packed out Tym’s Guitars, supported Violent Soho during their Christmas show special, toured Labrador, played secret shows and more.

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