Ceres (Band)

Ceres (Band) is a punk rock band from Melbourne, Australia. Ceres is signed to Cooking Vinyl. Not sure why I keep writing (Band) after I write Ceres? Because it helps people discover them when they’re looking for good music.

Ceres’ first album, ‘I Don’t Want To Be Anywhere But Here‘ is an Australian classic in my eyes. Ceres¬†(Band) Melbourne shows are a bit like Violent Soho‘s Brisbane shows, like a really big warm hug. There’s something about bands with cult followings that make hometown shows really special.

Ceres – Baby’s Breath

I consider Baby’s Breath to be one of, if not the, best songs ever written. The lyrics are one thing, but the delivery is a whole other thing.

Ceres band members

Tom Lanyon
Grant Young
Frank Morda
Sean Callanan

Ceres vinyl

If you’re lucky, you can still get your hands on a vinyl copy of Stretch Ur Skin featuring The Smith Street Band‘s Wil Wagner. When that was Ceres‘ new single, vinyl flew off the shelves like hotcakes, so I don’t know how many there are left. But that vinyl design was so slick. I’m not sure if they have older releases on vinyl, like Selfish Prick, but the new music definitely is.

Ceres merch

My favourite Ceres merch is my 91, Your House long sleeve tee. I own three or four of them. If you ever see me at a show, I’m probably wearing this shirt. It’s by far my favourite thing I own to photograph in. Tom Lanyon is an amazing graphic designer as well as a musician.

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