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Clowns with Rise Against

Music Photography

Music photographer. Podcast host. Published by TIME, Huffington Post and VICE. Shoots for Violent Soho, Dune Rats, Skegss and more. Brisbane-based.

Want to learn music photography?

Get started with this 103-page guide.

Getting started with music photography is tough. Where do you start? How do you get a photo pass? What lenses should you use for concert photography? How can you find your own personal style?

–  Details on how I got started with music photography
–  How to get photo passes and improve your chances at getting approved
–  How to work in the photography pit
–  What gear I use and recommend
–  A basic overview about copyright
–  What settings I use and recommend when shooting
–  Techniques for getting dynamic images
–  Recommendations for working with venue lighting
–  How to make the most of colours
–  Editing techniques and adjustments
–  Tips for exporting your images without losing quality
–  Image delivery
–  A list of publications and their contact information to request photo passes

“Matt will always be our favourite photographer and person to have at shows not only because of the epic picture he takes but also his ability to blend into the show while doing it. He always brings an insanely positive atmosphere to the night which is a must whenever doing anything with Dunies.”

Danny Beus, Guitarist and lead vocalist, Dune Rats