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Pagan (Band)

I’ve been following Pagan (Band) while they prepared to release their first album, ‘Black Wash’, out through EVP Recordings.

Not sure why I keep writing (Band) after I write Pagan? Because it helps people discover them when they’re looking for good music. Managed by Crowbar’s Trad and Tyla, Pagan are making waves as one of the most unique rock/metal bands around.

My journey photographing Pagan

I first photographed Pagan on the Loudmouth Boat Cruise when they played with Clowns. It was a really small stage on the boat, but it worked. There was around 100 sailors joining us that day, and I added Pagan (band) to my list of bands I love photographing.

Pagan then hit the Big Sound showcase to show how great of a new band they are. Because it was at Crowbar Brisbane, I was there anyway. Why wouldn’t I be during such an important music conference in Australia? After all, Big Sound and Crowbar have both been so good to me in the past, including my first photography gallery in the official Big Sound Program.

Rise Against asked Pagan to open up for their Australian tour. Pagan played a great set to a bunch of Rise Against fans that quickly also became Pagan fans. There seems to be a trend of me working with bands that Rise Against after Clowns have had me on their tours supporting Rise Against, but that just means Rise Against have good taste.

Pagan launched their album, The Black Wash, and toured it twice through Australia. Brisbane’s stop was at Crowbar Brisbane. I photographed them both times, on their first tour for the album and the second tour they called The Evil Eye tour.

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