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Music photography influencer

More than just a photographer.

I’m more than just a music photographer providing photos.

I’m a music photographer that also is a qualified Digital Marketer with over 10 years of experience in Web 2.0 and social media marketing. My account alone sees over 600,000 impressions monthly in most cases, and can reach up to 250,000 unique users. That’s more than most publications receive on their content. I have built a solid subscriber-base from hard work, personal connection and trust.

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How can I help promote your brand?

Brand ambassador

Have a product you know I use, or think I’ll love and want me to use it and tell people about it? If I genuinely love it, we can do that.

Theme my content

Have an album coming out and want me to prioritise the band’s photos in my schedule? We can do that.

Sponsored content

Want me to thank your brand for sponsoring content, at the start, middle or end of my rich media? We can do that.

Reach and engagement

Instagram Reach - November

Reach and impressions

In November, my content was viewed 603,100 times by a total of 247,600 people.
Individuals were exposed to each piece of my content on an average of 2.4 times throughout November.

Instagram engagement November


Let’s face it – engagement matters. It’s how you can tell that your chosen influencer is going to continue with impressive reach. Instagram decreases reach in line with shrinking engagement, meaning if the numbers are increasing, then your chances of higher reach are also increasing.


Demographics - November

Subscriber location

Some influencers try to trick you with huge numbers that aren’t real users. You can usually tell if subscribers are fake by seeing them come from countries that don’t naturally speak the influencer’s language.


Subscriber age and gender

On Instagram, my primary audience is women aged 18-24 (41.5%), followed by men aged 25-34 (39.51%) and then women again aged 25-34 (35.92%).

Content examples

Post engagement