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What’s covered in the photography guide

– Details on how I got started with music photography
– How to get photo passes and improve your chances at getting approved
– How to work in the photography pit
– What gear I use and recommend
– A basic overview about copyright
– What settings I use and recommend when shooting
– Techniques for getting dynamic images
– Recommendations for working with venue lighting
– How to make the most of colours
– Editing techniques and adjustments
– Tips for exporting your images without losing quality
– Image delivery
– A list of publications and their contact information to request photo passes


A 103-page guide detailing everything you need to become a successful music or concert photographer. Step-by-step guides, real life examples and firsthand experience on how to get started with concert photography.

The guide includes instructions for how to get photo passes super easily and a list of contacts to help you get started. The guide also details shooting techniques and my image editing secrets with real examples from my own work. It even includes the email text I use to become a contributor and get photo passes!

More details

This 103-page quickstart guide takes you through everything you need to be a successful music photographer. Get started with concert photography by reading everything I know, including:

How I got started

The short answer is hard work. But let me tell you how my story unfolded so you know that it can be done if you’re determined to make your dream a reality.

Photo passes and how to get them

How to get a photo pass, what a photo pass gets you, the logic behind granting photo passes, and most importantly, how to increase your chances of getting approved for a photo pass.

The photography pit

The quickest way to get a bad reputation in music photography is to not understand the photography pit. Here’s how to make sense of the photography pit and make things a lot more comfortable for others in and around it.


Gear isn’t the magic bullet for taking a great photo, but it’s helpful to understand how diverse you kit could be to be as prepared as possible for anything that might happen.


A brief background on why your copyright is important.


Everything you need to know about how to photograph, including settings I recommend and techniques I use for getting more clear, dynamic photos.


Make editing a breeze with these tips and recommendations. Find out the common mistakes beginner music photographers make when editing their photos, and how to make the most of what you’ve captured.


Keep your file size small, but maximise the clarity and impact of your photos. Here are the file settings I use when exporting my images.

Publication directory

A list of publications and their contacts for sending your request to contribute to.

Bonus stuff

Some cool bonus inclusions valued at $40 drip-fed to you over time!