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Music Photography

Live music photography, or concert photography, has always been my core focus as a Brisbane photographer. It’s taken me far outside of Brisbane, too. Australia’s biggest bands have trusted me with capturing their energy on tours in cities and towns of all sizes, from capital cities to small regional towns.

The love we share for music is always at the front of mind when I am working as a music photographer. Bands work hard to make the best music they can, and then showcase that on both a grand scale and an intimate scale. Fans support bands they believe in and express themselves in ways that align to their own feelings. Music is an outlet and capturing these moments is a challenging task I couldn’t enjoy more.

The Smith Street Band by Matt Walter

What I love about music photography

Music photographers generally get three songs to capture that moment. It’s this time restraint that made me want to try my hand as being a concert photographer. The music industry has been kind enough to embrace me and my camera and allow me to capture more than those three songs. Every time I am shooting, I think about what the band needs in the images, whether they are using the photos on a poster or social media.

I started shooting bands in 2013. What I loved most about music photography is that I didn’t need to study photography to do it. I had my camera and a limited amount of time to create the concert photos. Those three songs I mentioned apply this huge amount of pressure that I live for. Making decisions on my shutter speed, aperture and ISO, all while considering the medium the photos will be displayed in. Music magazines might be dead, but that doesn’t mean demand has decreased.

Whether it’s shots of huge crowds, musicians painstakingly crafting the music that brings people together, or bands expelling endless energy recreating it in real time for thousands of people, it’s music photography that keeps my passion for photography alive. Having a small part in a band’s journey enhances my love for music that little bit more.

My music photography exhibition

In 2017, I held my first photography exhibition to showcase the more intimate side of music photography. Titled, ‘No Pits, Just Pits’, I focused on displaying big bands in small venues where there was no photo pit, just energetic mosh pits full of dedicated fans. I couldn’t think of a better place to hold it than at Crowbar Brisbane over Big Sound 2017.

Tom Lanyon from Ceres did the artwork for the four posters that featured Danny Beus from Dune Rats, Luke Henery of Violent Soho, Jake Laderman of Clowns, and Karina Utomo of High Tension.

The exhibition was named one of the top five things to do at Big Sound 2017, from the total of more than 330 events happening as part of the festival/conference.

Check out photos of the exhibition.


I currently tour with Violent SohoWAAXDune RatsClownsThe Hard Aches, Camp CopeCeresSkegssPagan among others.

I started working with Violent Soho in the lead-up to their third album’s launch – ‘WACO’. The first shoot I did with them was for the Like Soda clip, the first single from the album. You can see hundreds of photos over at the dedicated Violent Soho photo project I made for them. The guys have been so generous in giving me opportunity to showcase my work and contribute to their legacy as one of Australia’s leading rock groups.

Over the years, I’ve toured with all of the fantastic bands I currently work with and more. They also have dedicated photo projects with all the photos we have taken.

If you’re a band that is interested in having me at a show or on a tour, get in touch!

Samples of my music photography work

Music photography of A Wilhelm Scream by Matt Walter

Cat Stevens by Matt Walter

Luca Brasi by Matt Walter

Violent Soho Like Soda Tour

Violent Soho by Matt Walter

Violent Soho by Matt Walter

Ceres by Matt Walter

WAAX as Mazda666

Skegss by Matt Walter

The Bennies by Matt Walter

Clowns by Matt Walter

WAAX by Matt Walter

Violent Soho by Matt Walter

Clowns by Matt Walter

waax 1101

Violent Soho by Matt Walter

The Bennies by Matt Walter

Learn music photography

100+ page downloadable guide

Helping our aspiring music photographers reach their goals is something I’ve always wanted to do if I became successful with it. Somehow, that success arrived. I attribute it to the many people who gave me opportunities and believed in my work.

Thanks to them, I can pay that generosity forward by using my photography work to help others realise their full potential. I created a quick-start guide to music photography, along with blog posts and videos that show beginner music photographers how I created and edited the concert photos.