Allow me to introduce myself because you probably ended up here by searching for a Brisbane photographer. It’s ok, what matters is that you made it here and you’re in safe hands!

I’m Matt Walter, a Brisbane based photographer that prides themselves on delivering the best results for my client. Whether you need real estate photography, product photography, portrait photography, event photography or something a little bit different, I’m here to hear your ideas.

What makes me different from other photographers in Brisbane?

As a photographer with almost 10 years experience behind a camera, I know my strengths and weaknesses. Photography is an interesting art form because it relies heavily on the artistic interpretation of a client’s brief. That means that it’s more important than anything to hire the right professional photographer.

If I’m not able to deliver on your brief, I will be able to give you a recommendation for another photographer that is perfect for your requirements. It’s more important to me that you get the best photos than it is for me to simply ‘book a job’. Fortunately, I’m a photographer based in Brisbane who has worked with clients who need a little bit of everything. Chances are I will be able to take on your work, but you can also rest assured knowing I will give you a recommendation if there is a photographer better suited to your requirements. Honesty is my policy.

What are my photography rates?

My rate depends on the style of photography and what is required. There is no right answer when it comes to quoting costs without hearing about the intricacies of your brief. Some clients require a studio to take photos in (often for commercial photography and portraits), whereas other clients just require the fresh air of outdoors, avoiding the costs of studio space.

Who has used my photos in Queensland?

My Brisbane photography has been used by a wide range of clients, including Noisey: Music By Vice, Huffington Post, TIME and more.

Let me show you some of my Brisbane photography

Violent Soho

Australia’s biggest rock band.

Crowbar Brisbane

Brisbane’s best hard rock venue.


Brisbane’s most promising up-and-coming band.

Ready to get to work?

I’m ready whenever you are.