“Following up that outrageous level of success was obviously never going to be easy, Hungry Ghost having not so much entered but emphatically kicked down the door (waving a beer and a guitar on the way in) of the Australian pantheon of rock and roll records. With their hype never bigger, with seemingly everyone in the country behind them and the expectations at an all time high, Violent Soho went back to the studio with previous producer Bryce Moorhead, then into a shed (in true Australian fashion) after running out of studio time, and recorded their fourth album WACO.

I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that they’ve outdone themselves.

They’ve made a record we’ll all still be listening to in 30. A record that stands on its own next to Hungry Ghost, a record that expands on the Violent Soho sound with so many subtle nuances while still bringing the unbridled noise that made them famous. A record truly reflective of the present situation of the band, a record sure to press every right button for fans of Violent Soho both new and old (and there will be plenty of new ones after this) and a record already screaming its case for Album Of The Year at the next ARIAs.

Violent Soho became stars on Hungry Ghost and they’re set to be superstars after WACO. They’re up there as one of the best rock bands to come out of Australia since Silverchair and they’re swiftly becoming one of the most important contemporary acts in the country.

Most importantly, they’ve belted it out of the park with WACO, and now we get to enjoy the fruits of their labour.” – Howl and Echoes

Violent Soho by Matt WalterViolent Soho by Matt WalterViolent Soho by Matt WalterViolent Soho by Matt WalterViolent Soho by Matt WalterViolent Soho by Matt WalterViolent Soho by Matt WalterViolent Soho by Matt Walter


I’ve been covering Violent Soho work on their upcoming album, titled Waco. The photos in this project were taken while they recorded their album at The Shed in Brisbane, filmed their film clip for ‘Like Soda’ at The Bardon Bowls Club, toured ‘Like Soda’ in Australia, signed WACO albums on its release, played around the country on Laneway Festival, and toured the album around Australia with Dune Rats and DZ Deathrays. View the entire Violent Soho photo project.