Video content

Sometimes, you need a little extra content than just photos. Along with a small team of people I trust, we can create video content that meets your needs.

View video work

Sometimes you need a variety of content – photo and video. I offer concert video through myself and some of my most trusted collaborators.

Video length

We offer video in either 15-second or 60-second lengths. These lengths are perfect for almost all social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Instagram posts are limited to 60-seconds in length, and Instagram stories are limited to 15-seconds in length.

Video format

We offer concert video in 1920×1080 as an mkv or mp4.

Portrait (as in vertical) video is becoming more popular in filling the entire phone’s screen. To take advantage of that, we can either film content in portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal). We can even adjust content so it looks great in a square format.

15 seconds

$ 150

Short and snappy. Either landscape or portrait. Suited mostly for Instagram or TikTok.

60 seconds

$ 250

Long, but not too long. Either landscape or portrait. Suited for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts.