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Photography Courses

I’m a self-taught, professional photographer. I didn’t do any photography courses, studies relating to digital photography or other related short courses. Everything I learned about photography was done outside of higher education’s four walls.

So how did I learn how to take a decent photograph like this one?

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I decided against learning alongside school students, or through free TAFE programs because I wanted to experiment. I wanted to learn from my mistakes. I wanted to continually improve on my photography skills and turn it into a career at my own pace. Going to a small room every day or every week, weaving my way through a complicated campus, just didn’t appeal to me. So what if I had an advanced diploma? If my photos weren’t good, then I wouldn’t book any professional photography jobs.

My free online photography courses

I’ve started writing my own photography courses that take a no-nonsense approach. If it didn’t make sense to me, I haven’t included it in the course.

Music photography course

Everything I know about music photography is in this course. How to take advantage of tough lighting setups at concerts, how to get a photo pass and more is detailed.

Beginner’s Photography Course

A free online photography course that is perfect for a beginner. Everything is explained in an easy-to-understand fashion. No nonsense, just the stuff that made sense to me about photography.

Creating your photography portfolio course

If you’re lost on where to get started when putting together a photography portfolio, this is the course for you. A simple, yet detailed guide on what to consider when you start putting together your photography portfolio.

iPhone photography course

In 2016, I created an iPhone photography course. Some of these apps I outline and demonstrate have been updated and look different, but the fundamentals are the same.

Adobe Lightroom CC for beginners

Adobe Lightroom is my photo editing app of choice. It can be daunting at first, but it really is one of the industry-standard photo editing tools out there. In this course for beginner photographers, I take you through how to get the most out of Adobe Lightroom.

Other photography courses out there

Photography courses in Sydney

I’ve added some notes so you can view details about my evaluation of photography courses in Sydney.

Photography courses in Brisbane

I’ve added some notes so you can view more details about my evaluation of photography courses in Brisbane.

Photography courses in Melbourne

I’ve added some notes so you can view more details about my evaluation of photography courses in Melbourne.

No matter what way you choose to learn how to be a professional photographer, I wish you luck, and I hope the above helps!