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DZ Deathrays

DZ Deathrays made a name for themselves at house parties around Australia, playing a blend of rock, punk and thumping dance beats that never sat squarely within one genre.

DZ Deathrays have been recognised as one of Australia’s leading rock bands, winning the Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Album at the 2012 ARIA Awards. DZ tour all over the world, extensively, too. One of those bands that are always touring the world, DZ have picked up loads of fans doing what they do best.

Originally as a two-piece, Simon Ridley and Shane Parsons expanded DZ Deathrays to include a third member in 2019, Lachlan Ewbank.

I started working with DZ Deathrays after Black Rat was released, in the lead-up to Bloody Lovely.

About DZ Deathrays


While it was their first album, it launched DZ Deathrays onto some of the biggest music festivals around the world, such as Reading and Leeds Festival. Dollar Chills, Gebbie Street and Cops/Capacity still appear on many setlists for DZ shows.

Black Rat

Black Rat is the duo’s second album, recorded over two-weeks with Burke Reid. Black Rat is all about the night, with riffs that feel destructive in a familiar way, but a little more broad in its sound compared to the previous album, Bloodstreams. Black Rat had the popular singles, Gina Works at Harts and Reflective Skull.

Bloody Lovely

Bloody Lovely is the third album by DZ Deathrays, and when I started doing most of my photography work with them. With the singles, Total Meltdown and Shred For Summer, Bloody Lovely was incredibly popular. Personally, my favourite track is one that fans of Ocean Exploder would like. It’s called Witchcraft Pt II, and one of my favourite songs the band has written.