Beginner concert photography gear

Firstly, let’s define the setting you’re in so you know what gear to buy. It doesn’t matter what size, or type of show you are shooting. The show’s lighting is the most significant impact, and then the limitations of what you can shoot are the second. Often, you can only photograph during the first three songs, and you’re almost always not allowed to use a flash or strobe. I’m sure you can already see why your choice of equipment is essential.

No Pits, Just Pits exhibition wrap-up

No Pits, Just Pits was amazing. I loved every minute that my work was hanging. That was because you guys were so absolutely kind to me and came out or spent time away from the Big Sound showcase to check out the work.

Matt Warrell changes his name to Matt Walter

When I started photography, I didn’t think I would have anything attached to the name Matt Warrell. Over the past few years I’ve had the name Matt Warrell published in publications I never imagined including VICE Magazine and TIME. On 1 July I started the new financial year with a new name because I married my wonderful partner and took her last name instead of asking her to take mine. Matt Warrell became Matt Walter.

Upcoming Ceres signed print

I’ve had a great response to my announcement that Friday will see the release of a signed Ceres print. Friday is the same day that Ceres tour kicks off! Coincidence? Nope. On Friday, me and the guys are going to take a photo especially for this tour. It’s only going to be sold for this tour, there’s 10 available, and so if you want it on your wall you better be quick to grab one!