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February 2018 Apple Music Playlist

Matt Walter’s February 2018 Apple Music Playlist

1. Big Personality – Hogni
2. Work from Home – Tim Heidecker
3. Mess – The Hard Aches
4. You Don’t Get Me High Anymore (Triple J Like A Version) – PUP
5. Your Cat – Slaughter Beach, Dog
6. Witchcraft, Pt. II – DZ Deathrays
7. My Pal – GOD
8. Moving Out – West Thebarton
9. If You See Kay – Bakers Eddy
10. 99 Bottles – Pist Idiots
11. Got To Give – Luca Brasi
12. How To Socialise & Make Friends – Camp Cope
13. Baby’s Breath – Ceres
14. I Wish – Skee-Lo
15. The Catedral – Meridian

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January 2018 Apple Music Playlist

Matt Walter’s January 2018 Apple Music Playlist

1. Holy Touch – Foxy Shazam
2. Punks – FIDLAR
3. Wynford Bridge – The Flatliners
4. Honey Bunny – Girls
5. Centurion (Feat. Vince Staples) – Earl Sweatshirt
6. Respirator – Twiztid
7. Occult Enemies – Against Me!
8. No Hard Feelings – The Avett Brothers
9. I Wipe My Ass With Showbiz – A Wilhelm Scream
10. Name Your Ship – Gogol Bordello
11. Spine – Pianos Become The Teeth
12. Even Still – Band Of Horses
13. Cleaning Out My Closet – Angel Haze
14. Little Shadow – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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My 2017 music picks

Last year I did a review of my favourite music from 2016. I liked trawling through everything that was released last year on Apple Music and revisiting some of the releases from earlier in the year.

It’s pretty easy to get caught up in whatever the newest release is, and sometimes when there are multiple releases in a two-week period, you can easily get caught up in one and neglect the others even though they were equally as amazing.

10. ’Science Fiction’ – Brand New

Brand New Science Fiction

This album should have been number one, but with Jesse Lacey’s indiscretions surfacing, my love affair with Brand New deflated pretty hard. For the value of the other band members and the record as a whole, it’s a very fitting end to the Brand New legacy, even if it has a few unplanned scars on it.

My picks:

Out Of Mana


9. ‘The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit’ – Dune Rats

The Kids Will Know Dune Rats

Dune Rats have done a great job of increasing their production quality without sacrificing their character. There’s a great air in Danny’s vocals, the fun is a plenty and it’s a great feel-good record amongst some of the (good but) depressing albums this year.

My picks:

Counting Sheep

Like Before

8. ‘Lucid Again’ – Clowns

Lucid Again Clowns

No surprise that ‘Lucid Again’ appeared in the list. When I first heard the album, it was a basic stream that only had track numbers I think. I was worried that the album only having nine songs would mean it would feel that it was over too soon. Fortunately, the dudes know what they are doing and so it feels perfectly timed given the subject matter and slight adjustments to their sound.

My picks:

Fifteen Minutes of Infamy


7. ’We All Want The Same Things’ – Craig Finn

Craig Finn We All Want The Same Things

Craig Finn’s vocals are unique, so if you want some more Hold Steady-sounding tunes, you can get a bit of a fix with this one. While Finn’s voice is very similar, the song structure feels a little more paired back. But it does sound full. It really works on songs like ‘Birds Trapped In The Airport’, but there’s a great mix on this.

My picks:

Rescue Blues

Be Honest

6. ‘Holiday Food EP’ – Skegss

Holiday Food Skegss

One of the two EPs that made it into the list, Holiday Food EP is the same sound we love from Skegss but with increased production value.

My picks:

Got On My Skateboard

No Future For Me

5. ‘Dumb Days’ – Tired Lion

Dumb Days Tired Lion

Tired Lion recruited Luke Boerdam (Violent Soho) to produce this album. It was an album that really showcased Boerdam’s song writing from behind the boards. Tired Lion have always been great, but Dumb Days feels a lot more controlled and every song feels as good as the last. I also think the pacing of this album is spot on.

My picks:



4. ‘A Deeper Understanding’ – The War On Drugs

War On Drugs A Deeper Understanding

I asked Henery if he had any music recommendations for me because I was out. He recommended A Deeper Understanding, but for some reason I got distracted and it was left unlistened to for some time. When I got around to listening to it, I hated myself for going so long without listening to it. If you like Springsteen, and just like music in general, this is your jam.

My picks:


Holding On

3. ‘Wild & Weak’ – WAAX

Wild and Weak WAAX

Another Violent Soho-recommended listen, this time by Boerdam. The Brisbane-based five piece is simply amazing. The artwork, the sound, the production value, it’s all just perfection.

My picks:

Wild & Weak

Nothing Is Always

2. ‘DAMN.’ – Kendrick Lamar

DAMN Kendrick Lamar

‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ is one of my favourite albums of all time. I knew DAMN. wouldn’t top it, but Kendrick never disappoints. It blows my mind how quickly Kendrick can turn around a full album that feels so cohesive in a year or two. Many other artists say they need five years now – Kendrick has done it again.

My picks:



1. ‘A Black Mile To The Surface’ – Manchester Orchestra

Manchester Orchestra Black Mile To The Surface

I had very little hope for this album because I felt COPE’s choruses all felt very similar. When A Black Mile came out it was a must-listen since I love Manchester Orchestra, but I was not expecting such a well thought out piece of art. Because that’s just what it is – art. It’s a beautiful story of a suicidal-miner’s perspective or mortality following a bullying victim’s grocery store shooting. I saw someone online describe it as a ‘delicate punch in the gut’. I agree.

My picks:

The Maze

The Moth

The Silence

There’s so many other great albums that came out this year. Other albums that had a heavy rotation were:

Wonderful Wonderful – The Killers

One More Light – Linkin Park

Chaxthexry – Scarlxrd

The Bronx – The Bronx V

December Apple Music Playlist

Matt Walter’s December Apple Music Playlist

1. This Everything – WAAX
2. Get High Like An Angel – The Bennies
3. Raining – The Front Bottoms
4. Price of Living – Ecca Vandal
5. Luigi Cerubini – Pagan
6. Fill The Tanks – The Bronx
7. DeathPunch – Scarlxrd
8. Cleveland, OH – Little Brother
9. Gold Soundz – Pavement
10. – Bad Influence – DZ Deathrays
11. P Plates – Ruby Fields
12. S.A.D. – Kirin J Callinan
13. Green Dress – Good Boy
14. Money On Straight – The Killers

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Beginner concert photography gear

Firstly, let’s define the setting you’re in so you know what gear to buy. It doesn’t matter what size, or type of show you are shooting. The show’s lighting is the most significant impact, and then the limitations of what you can shoot are the second. Often, you can only photograph during the first three songs, and you’re almost always not allowed to use a flash or strobe. I’m sure you can already see why your choice of equipment is essential.

No Pits, Just Pits exhibition wrap-up

No Pits, Just Pits was amazing. I loved every minute that my work was hanging. That was because you guys were so absolutely kind to me and came out or spent time away from the Big Sound showcase to check out the work.

Matt Warrell changes his name to Matt Walter

When I started photography, I didn’t think I would have anything attached to the name Matt Warrell. Over the past few years I’ve had the name Matt Warrell published in publications I never imagined including VICE Magazine and TIME. On 1 July I started the new financial year with a new name because I married my wonderful partner and took her last name instead of asking her to take mine. Matt Warrell became Matt Walter.

Upcoming Ceres signed print

I’ve had a great response to my announcement that Friday will see the release of a signed Ceres print. Friday is the same day that Ceres tour kicks off! Coincidence? Nope. On Friday, me and the guys are going to take a photo especially for this tour. It’s only going to be sold for this tour, there’s 10 available, and so if you want it on your wall you better be quick to grab one!