Violent Soho Like Soda Tour by Matt Walter


I’m a photographer from Brisbane, Australia. I split my time between Brisbane and Tokyo, always trying to balance the two. It’s not easy, but I’ve never liked things that are easy. Things that are easy never result in something unique or special. They also never make you grow as an artist.

I often see artists I look up to speak of chasing simplicity – as if it’s something attainable. Technology will look after what’s complex, so let’s look after what’s simple. We all lose the eye we had when we were young. Things didn’t matter beyond their surface value, but at the same time you recognised that there is something greater there. That’s the simplicity that I think is hard to capture. I try to expose that instance.

I’ve also worked with a wide variety of international and local bands, Australian media entities, government bodies, companies from a range of industries and more. I’ve had work published with the ABC, VICE, Courier Mail, Brisbane Times, and more. If you are looking for a photographer that is committed to fulfilling the brief without compromising their style, I’m the photographer for you. Otherwise, I’m happy to recommend a peer that I think would be perfect for your project.

Photography is an artform, and like my peers, I’m just a photographer trying to make something great. Because of the effort I go to, I can’t give away my photos to you or your business or do work for promotion. I care about my work too much, just like you care about your business or initiative. It’s important to me that you feel like an equal creative entity in the work we do. Everything I work on and everyone I work with cannot be creatively quantified.

A single idea is what we’re chasing – the execution is always done best when we work together.